The Cave is below the house, on the underground, where there are still two intact calados (caves) from the 16th century. These caves were used as a refuge by the inhabitants of the house in times of war, in addition to being the ideal place to keep food and wine at a constant temperature during the whole year.

When visiting Mayor 35’s Cave, it is worth paying special attention to the unique three point arch that exists in the whole subsoil of Laguardia.

We are very pleased to invite all guests from Mayor 35 to enjoy a free visit to The Cave, where they will invited to savor a local wine in a genuine and magical environment.

(The cave is now being remodeled, it will be open for visits from November 2015).


Would you like to enjoy a guided visit along the entrails of the house, savor a great wine between ancient walls and learn about the history of the locals, as well as about how wine is traditionally produced, please get in touch with us:

(The cave is now being remodeled)